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2015 SIFDAC Scholarship Ball


A New FUNdraising Event for Dance Scholarships!
Your Favorite Dances Can Join the Stars!

Saturday, January 17, 2015
6:30 p.m. Doors Open
8:00 p.m. Tance El Dorado Performance
7:00-10:30 p.m. Dancing and FUNdraising!
Central Methodist Church
5265 H Street
Sacramento, CA 95819
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Contact: Yvonne Couvillion, or 916-570-3482

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Don't Miss Out on the FUN!!!
There are NEW procedures this year for nominating and voting!!

Nominate your favorite dances November 1-30!
Vote for your favorite dances December 1-31!

Click on the link below to get started:
Procedures Description and Nomination Form

Nominations as of Monday, 11/24

  • Adama Veshamayim (Barbara Bevan)
  • Aj Lipo Ti Je (Teeann Duncan)
  • Aland Schotis (Ulla Schreuder)
  • An Dro Retourne (Toba Goddard)
  • Arcanul Batrineasc (Barbara Bevan)
  • Arnold's Circle (Ulla Schreuder)
  • At Va'Ani (Toba Goddard)
  • Ba La (cha cha) (Teeann Duncan)
  • Banjsko Oro (Barbara Bevan)
  • Bare Necessities (Joyce Uggla)
  • Belasicko Oro (Toba Goddard)
  • Bepundak Katan/Wdn Leg (Toba Goddard)
  • Bohemian National Polka (Joan Stouffer)
  • Ca La Daeni (Toba Goddard)
  • Caribe Salsa Mixer (Ulla Schreuder)
  • Chef (Trudy Baltz)
  • Cocek (Toba Goddard)
  • Corrido (Ulla Schreuder)
  • Dana (Trudy Baltz)
  • Dodi Li (Toba Goddard)
  • Drjanovska Rachenitsa I (Barbara Bevan)
  • Egejskoto (Trudy Baltz)
  • Erev Ba (Trudy Baltz)
  • Galyam Galyam (Toba Goddard)
  • Geud Man of Ballangigh (Joan Stouffer)
  • Hambo (Joan Stouffer)
  • Hineh Ma Tov (Toba Goddard)
  • Hora pe Sase (Barbara Bevan)
  • Horon (Toba Goddard)
  • Idam Ne Idam (Toba Goddard)
  • Imate Li Vino (Barbara Bevan)
  • Japanese Soft Shoe (Ulla Schreuder)
  • Jiana Lui Ana (Toba Goddard)
  • Juice of Barley (Joyce Uggla)
  • Juniata (Joan Stouffer)
  • Kate Kate (Toba Goddard)
  • Kerchief Kujawiak (Ann Zacharias)
  • Kol Nederai (Barbara Bevan)
  • Korobushka (Ulla Schreuder)
  • Kvar Acharey Chatsot (Toba Goddard)
  • La Bastringue (Ann Zacharias)
  • Latzafon Beahava (Teeann Duncan)
  • Lemonia (Barbara Bevan)
  • Lesi (Trudy Baltz)
  • Levi Jackson Rag (Ann Zacharias)
  • Liljano Mome (Toba Goddard)
  • Maple Leaf Rag (Ulla Schreuder)
  • Margaret's Waltz (Ann Zacharias)
  • Mitro Mitro (Toba Goddard)
  • Mona's Festvals (Ulla Schreuder)
  • Mori Shej (Barbara Bevan)
  • Opinca (Trudy Baltz)
  • Ovchepolsko Potrchulka (Barbara Bevan)
  • Pelorus Jack (Ulla Schreuder)
  • Pilky (Joan Stouffer)
  • Polca din Batrani (Trudy Baltz)
  • Prosijala (Barbara Bevan)
  • Rorospols (Joan Stouffer)
  • Rumelaj (Toba Goddard)
  • Rustemul (Trudy Baltz)
  • Sej Bob (Barbara Bevan)
  • Shav el Admati (Barbara Bevan)
  • Smygvals (Ulla Schreuder)
  • Snosti Minah Kate (Toba Goddard)
  • Somogyi Karikazo (Trudy Baltz)
  • Square Tango (Ulla Schreuder)
  • Stabberinglender (Trudy Baltz)
  • Svatba (Barbara Bevan)
  • Swedish Finn Mixer (Ulla Schreuder)
  • SypSimeon (Joan Stouffer)
  • Syrto (Ann Zacharias)
  • Syrtos Kitrinou (Barbara Bevan)
  • Tamzara (Toba Goddard)
  • Tervelska Raka (Barbara Bevan)
  • Tino Mori (Joyce Uggla)
  • Tokyo Polka (Ulla Schreuder)
  • Trip to Bavaria (Joan Stouffer)
  • Tuluttooq (Ulla Schreuder)
  • Turn of the Tide (Joan Stouffer)
  • Turning by Threes (Ulla Schreuder)
  • U Sest (Trudy Baltz)
  • Ushti Baba (Barbara Bevan)
  • Valle Pogonishte (Toba Goddard)
  • Vallja e Osman Takes (Barbara Bevan)
  • Vecheraj Sino (Barbara Bevan)
  • Waltz (Ulla Schreuder)
  • Windmill Quadrille (Ulla Schreuder)
  • Ya Da Kalinushku Lomala (Barbara Bevan)
  • Sacramento International Folk Dance and Arts Council
    Mission Statement

    The Sacramento International Folk Dance and Arts Council mission is to promote international folk dance and music through: classes, workshops, teacher training, and outreach programs to the general public. The Council is made up of many individual clubs representing a wide range of dance and music. The Council sponsors an annual Camellia International Dance Festival in March, a weekend of dance classes, parties and a concert featuring dance and musical groups. The Council also sponsors other special events related to folk dancing, music, and arts in the greater Sacramento area. Additionally, the Council publishes a monthly newsletter called Latest Steps, this web site, and a membership directory. The Council encourages new members and serves as a way for people to find out what folk-related activities are available in the Sacramento area.

    The activity of learning about other cultures and the growing appreciation for them and their art forms encourages peace and mutual understanding throughout the world and in our own community. We feel that joining, together in the activity of dance is a wholesome, joyful antidote to the pervasive loneliness and alienation that so many people experience. It is healthful both physically and spiritually. It is our goal to spread the joy of dance.

    This site is managed by SIFDAC volunteers.
    Please send any items of interest to Jan Volkoff, pictures in jpg format and text as Word .docx or plain text.