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Camellia International Dance Festival 2010

Syllabus of Dances Taught
Friday, March 12, 2010  Free Student Dance Workshop

Bhangra-- Dance Description -- Video

Žensko za raka - Dance Description -- Video

Saturday, March13, 2010

Jaap Leegwater - Dances of Bulgaria

Jaap taught dances from this list.

Balkandzijska -- Dance Description -- videoRNY
Celebinsko Horo -- Dance Description --Camellia Dance--videoRNY
Do Tri Pati -- Dance Description
Gurbetcijsko Horo -- Dance Description
Haskovsa Lesa -- Dance Description -- videoRNY
Ihtimanska Kopanica -- Dance Description
Ljasa -- Dance Description
Milo Mi E Mamo -- Dance Description--Camellia Dance
Mitro -- Dance Description -- Camellia Dance -- videoRNY
Stapil Dobri -- Dance Description--Camellia Dance--videoRNY
Staro Gradesnisko Horo - Dance Description--Camellia Dance--VideoRNY
Strandzansko Horo -- Dance Description
Zaspalo E Jove _ Kako Kostanino -- Dance Description
RNY= Robert Null Video on Youtube

Andre and Yvonne Couvillion - International Couple Dances

Caribe Salsa Mixer-- Dance Description -- Video

Cholat Ahava (Lovesick)-- Dance Description -- Video

Cottoneyed Joe Mixer-- Dance Description -- Video

Dos Besitos (Two Little Kisses) -- Dance Description -- Video

Scottish Mix-up -- Dance Description -- Video

The Wood Duck -- Dance Description -- Video

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